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Projekte nach ausgewählten Eigenschaften (Attribut)

Eine Liste der Seiten, die das Attribut „AbstractEn“ mit dem Datenwert „Actual expertise of Gender Studies in the field of Sociology of Science indicates that the barrier for women is not the assumed "hardships" of the natural sciences and also not necessarily external scientific factors like the question of the compatibility of family and work. It shows rather that successful research by women in (natural) science is bound profoundly to their social integration into the field. The question of how "successful" integration into a scientific discipline works is hence vitally important for studying gender relations in science. Furthermore, scientific disciplines and sub-disciplines vary widely in regard to their disciplinary culture and mechanisms of inclusion, therefore, more detailed information on how the horizontal segregation of young scientists in different specialties of disciplines takes place is important. How do these processes take place in which the result is that some young scientists start to work in central innovative fields and others in less noted, border areas? Which different images and ideas of scientific work and which different requirements are relevant here? How do scientists characterize their own field of research in relation to others? The hypothesis that 'boundary work' inside of disciplines and between different disciplines and sub-disciplines constitutes gender boundaries too is the major focus in this project. This focus is especially directed towards the natural sciences, namely, on the one hand, as it is considered a heterogeneous field of research and, on the other hand, as its research practices are increasingly characterized by technologies (keyword: technoscience). Gender relations in science can thus most concentratedly be investigated using the example of current clusters and cooperations at the interface between science and technology. The current cooperation in innovative research areas of science by the two large universities in Graz, the University of Graz and the Graz University of Technology, under the name "NAWI Graz", provides an adequate case of study. In this project, the disciplinary cultures of NAWI Graz and the specific characteristics of the professional profile of disciplines and sub-disciplines will be analyzed qualitatively. In this manner and in the context of this research, the connection between professional boundary work and social (gender-)differentiation will be explored more precisely“ enthalten.

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