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Projekte nach ausgewählten Eigenschaften (Attribut)

Eine Liste der Seiten, die das Attribut „AbstractEn“ mit dem Datenwert „Equality Implementation Standards for Universities (EQUISTU). EQUISTU seeks to determine which control tools can be used in higher education management to ensure a balanced gender ratio in academic life. The project covers both universities and universities of applied sciences. A quantitative survey at all universities is to provide an overview of the current progress in setting up gender-sensitive control tools. Case studies are being conducted at 13 universities, examining the design of equality-focused control tools and the structural framework and processes that are involved in implementation. The results are to show the conditions that either encourage or discourage progress as well as any coping strategies that are adopted by those involved. The specific results will be presented at two regional conferences, and the general results at a concluding conference. The results will also be systematically presented for practical purposes in a handbook. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the European Social Fund“ enthalten.

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