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Projekte nach ausgewählten Eigenschaften (Attribut)

Eine Liste der Seiten, die das Attribut „AbstractEn“ mit dem Datenwert „In the framework of the Bologna Process and upon the recommendation of the German Council of Science and Humanities (Wissenschaftsrat) there are intensive discussions on the doctorate education going on in Germany since the end of 1990s. In the focus stands the improvement of the quality of the academic education as well as of the supervision and promotion provided by the professors. High importance in this process is ascribed to the introduction and broadening of structured doctoral programmes.In the course of the launch of doctoral studies as a third study phase after the BA- and MA-studies, these structured doctoral programmes should replace the still widespread "Master-pupil model", the inspanidual doctoral education. Despite the broad university and educational policy discussions there is a deficit of systematic research from a comparative disciplinary and gender perspective on the doctoral process and its impact on building a career in the next generation of female and male academics.Does a connection between inspanidual supervision and promotion experiences and building a career in the next generation of academics in the transition to the post-doc-phase exist? How do professors interpret their own professional behaviour in the supervision and promotion of the next generation of academics and in relation to the establishment of equal opportunities for women and men?“ enthalten.

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