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Projekte nach ausgewählten Eigenschaften (Attribut)

Eine Liste der Seiten, die das Attribut „AbstractEn“ mit dem Datenwert „This project attempts to contribute to how innovative companies can reduce the job market barriers for female engineers, that are still in place in Switzerland even though there is a shortage of qualified workers. Although the conditions seem to be advantageous, empirical studies show that female professionals are challenged by bigger problems than their male colleagues. Not only during their academic studies, but also afterwards, in the working environment, gender differences arise. Potential female students anticipate these opportunities. The project focuses on how important non-technical knowledge and non-technical competences are for female engineers in order to create and sustain a gender-just and motivating work environment. Non-technical knowledge, understood here as contextual knowledge and expertise from fields such as social sciences and the humanities, is asked of graduates of the degree programs of engineering (we are looking at the degree programs Electrical Engineering, Computer Sciences and Mechanical Design and Engineering of Universities of Applied Science UAS). It is expected of women (and increasingly of young men) to acquire these competences during their studies. Additionally, the holistic relation of products and services, a gender-sensitive corporate culture and -structure, and a sustainable communication is viewed as paramount by (potential) employers. Accordingly, the objective of this study was to focus on the perspective of companies (two corporate case studies) on the one hand, and on the perspective of female engineers from the degree programs Electrical Engineering, Computer Sciences and Mechanical Design and Engineering on the other. Varied methods were used to receive the results. The results show that while functional aspects and motivating tasks are important, non-functional aspects and non-technical skills seem to be of even greater importance for the attractiveness of companies, a motivating work environment and the interdisciplinary education of students. Multiple courses of action are proposed“ enthalten.

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